For a couple their wedding day is the most unforgettable and special day of their life. Thus the wedding invitation needs to be really special too so as to bring out a great anticipation in the recipients regarding the upcoming marriage.  caricature wedding card maker These wedding invitations become your guests’ first impression of your wedding. A wedding invitation portrays the style, theme, and grace of your wedding to your guests. And thus there cannot be a better way to commence the wedding than with something as royal and regal as scroll wedding cards. These scroll invitations are ideally a great way to set the scene for your dream wedding with an exquisite charm.

Features that make Scroll Wedding Cards Special

When you hand over your wedding card to the guest what is the first thing you look for? Attention? Awe factor? So what can be a better way to achieve both than by presenting them a scroll card! Scroll Wedding cards depict your style statement and fashion and also set the stage for a correct first impression of your splendid wedding event.

Origin and significance: The history of the Scroll wedding cards can be traced to the imperial ages. There these scroll invitations were used by the kings and other members of the royal family to send across their messages and invitations. These traditional messages were called ‘Farman’. Today, since fashion is going back to the retro look and feel, these scroll wedding cards are in a great demand. These make the custom of giving invites look traditional and give the idea of marriage a complete royal sense.

Design: basically the content of the scroll wedding cards remain the same as any traditional Indian invite. These contain the names of bride and groom’s family, the date and the venue, along with the details of the main programs. But the way it is presented marks the whole difference. These scroll wedding invites make use of elegant scroll motifs for design and a classy royal script for the due impact. These invites are usually made of smooth silk, satin, velvet or rich textured handmade paper in vibrant colors, which itself imparts a very sophisticated touch to the whole package.

Packaging: The scroll wedding cards are covered with imported handmade tissue paper for best effects. Even the carrying case has exquisite traditional designing and detailed work engraved on it. These cases are usually made of silver. The scroll Marriage cards and the silver case are then together placed in a beautiful and exclusive silver box for delivery.